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Top 8 People You'd NEVER Want to Watch After Your Child


There are some really bad babysitters and parents out there who really have no business watching after youngsters. Here are some top care providers and celebrities-in-the-news you'd NEVER want to have watch your precious tot!

1. Britney Spears

Poor Britney Spears. Besides having two small kids, undergoing a divorce from Kevin Federline, and enduring constant scrutiny over her attire (or lack of it) and her mothering abilities (or lack of them), she now has been named the Worst Role Model according to an AP-AOL News Poll. Britney has apologized on her website, citing that she probably went "a little too far" with her newfound freedom. Numerous news articles continue to the raise the question that if she is out partying almost nightly as a "soon-to-be-single" young mom, then who is raising those two precious kids?

2. Daisy Wright (Jude Law's Children's Nanny)

This cute nanny willingly had a consensual relationship with her employer, all the while knowing that the famous actor Jude Law was engaged to Sienna Miller. If this nanny doesn't know the boundaries, then who's to blame the outcome?

3. Teen Babysitter from 'Monster House'

The stereotypically mean babysitter in this movie ignores the child DJ placed in her charge overnight and has her boyfriend over well into the late night. While alone in the dark, they have a fight and the boyfriend leaves, making her mad. It's obvious that she had expected her boyfriend to stay the night. A babysitter who demonstrates bad judgement and lacking morals places her on the no-no list, for sure!

4. Mrs. Quickly (from Nanny McPhee)

This poor, lonely and recent widow Mrs. Quickly first appears to love children, but kids in the successful Nanny McPhee movie (2005) quickly learn she is not whom she seems. In fact, her intentions are to ship off the household of kids as soon as the "I do's" are completed and arrangements can be made. The same stereotype can be placed on poor Cinderella's evil stepmother as well.

5. Paris Hilton

She professes to love animals and kids, and even has been quoted as having said that hanging out with new gal-pal Britney Spears has shown her how much she would like to be a young mother herself. Since she has also been criticized for her frequent replacement of her darling pets, one must wonder how she'd fare with kids. Precious Paris, often tagged a "celebutante," was arrested fpr drunken driving in 2006 while on a late-night hamburger run.

6. Au Pair from The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

Rebecca De Mornay starred in this suspenseful film (1992) about a disturbed au pair. How she tears apart the family is absolutely horrifying.

7. Daddy Day Care

This 2003 comedy is fun to watch, but would be absolutely terrifying if it were YOUR kid under the care of Eddie Murphy. There are some truly fun scenes with hyperactive kids. So when the unemployed men ask each other the question of how hard it can be to run a daycare center, the answer is, not surprisingly, much harder than anyone thought.

8. Babysitter Urban Legends

Let's just hope that these types of wasted and basted urban legends aren't true. There are always horror stories circulating about babysitters who "cook" the infants in their care and worse. If nothing else, these horrifying stories should jolt parents into realizing they should always check references carefully and be confident of any caregiver left to keep charge of their precious tots.

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