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10 Ways to Foster a Child's Creativity

Here are 10 ways parents and child care providers alike can inspire children and encourage their creative genius.  

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Child Safety: Carbon Monoxide Leaks Can Be Deadly

Winter time can prove deadly for children and adults alike from deadly carbon monoxide leaks. Unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning kills hundreds of people nationwide each year, according to the Centers for Dease Control and Prevention. About 15,000 people visit the emergency room annually as well.

Child Health - Germiest Places Your Kids Visit

Of course, you know germs lurk about everywhere, but did you know that the playground is among the top offenders? It's true! Here are top places with lots of germs that your child is exposed to. The answer, of course, is careful hand washing and using hand sanitizer.

Next Generation Kids Childcare, Portland, Oregon

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Cultural Care Au Pair, Nationwide

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KinderCare Learning Center, Gilbert, Arizona

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Afterschool Child Care - Number of Kids Home Alone After School Has Risen

Millions of kids go home to an empty house after school, and the number of unsupervised kids after 3 p.m. has risen over the past five years.

Child Safety - Child Suffocation Dangers Aren't Limited to Infants

It's by no means a new health concern, but child suffocation dangers are once again making the headlines. As more individuals downsize their homes or raise a family in cramped quarters, bed safety and the risk of child suffocation may be on the rise.

Is Your Child Overscheduled, Or Is It Just You?

How much is too much when it comes to scheduling activities for your kids? And, will being busy be a hardship for your kids--or just for you?

Payment Systems May Mean More Timely Pay, Less Bounced Checks, and Greater Conve

Writing checks to pay for child care is quickly becoming a thing of the past at many daycare centers. Problems with bounced checks coupled with the hassle of weekly payments has led many family and day care providers to go to systems like debit cards or even recurring charge agreements. For subsidized child care, laborious paperwork and tracking may also be a thing of the past, as some states are taking it a step further by instituting a new e-childcare solution.

Kiddie Academy, Somerset, N.J.

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