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Summer Child Care Options

If your child is in school, summer presents a child care challenge. Here are some flexible and affordable solutions for your daily dilemma.

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Child Care Provider Checklist

Wednesday February 9, 2011

There are certain pieces of basic information that must be provided for caregivers, whether using a sitter for the afternoon or enrolling your child at a weekday day care center. This goes double for a child with special needs.

While it's not necessary to divulge every detail of your child's history, you should make sure the provider has enough information on hand for their day-to-day care -- and in case of emergency.

Your phone number and a doctor's phone number are just the minimum. Refer to this sample checklist (mid-page) as a good starting point. Once created, keep the list saved on your computer where it's easy to update and print more as needed.

Tips for New Working Moms

Saturday January 15, 2011

After returning to work from maternity leave, many new mothers will start to worry about their company's "mommy track", or the work-life balance your company gives working mothers. Balancing your home life with the rigors of a pressure-packed work environment is not for everyone and talking to other working moms in the company will provide a good idea of what the future will hold.

If the company you currently work at seems too demanding and would take away from what you need to do at home, perhaps a more easy going employer and a relaxed working environment will give you what you need to provide for your family while having the time and energy to be a great mom at home.

Winter Fun with the Family

Monday January 3, 2011

The holiday hype may be over for most families, but luckily for everyone, there are still endless opportunities for having winter fun with the family.  Here are some activities and ideas you can do while it's cold outdoors.  For starters, how about setting family fun goals for 2010?

Top 7 Ideas for Involving Kids In Setting New Year's Goals

Friday December 24, 2010

Making resolutions for the New Year can be a fun family activity.  Instead of spending big bucks on entertainment this New Year's Eve, why not settle into a cozy night with family and celebrate all the hopes and plans for 2010 together?  There's much to be thankful for and you might have so much fun together you'll want to plan special outings for family fun throughout the year as well.  Happy New Year everyone!

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