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Family Organizer

Mom's Ultimate Family Organizer

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The Bottom Line

Electronic organizers really don't do it all for moms. After all, while it's great to have your day planned out on your Blackberry (or personal choice), moms still have to figure out what to do with all the papers, appointment cards, and other things we're supposed to keep track of. This full-size, three-ring binder attempts to be the solution to busy moms on the go. Does it succeed?


  • Handy pockets for storing papers and appointment cards
  • Sticky notes for self, babysitter (or caregiver) and lists are included
  • Writing is witty and on-the-mark
  • Sections are well-organized
  • Color theme is bright and cheery


  • The planner is big and bulky
  • Section dividers make pages hard to turn
  • Writing in each calendar month is time-consuming


  • This is the most fun organizer I have ever seen. It sure seems like its creators are harried moms who know how to organize.
  • LOVE the pockets to stuff important things into. No more "where did I put (blank)" because you know where to file it!
  • Including sticky notes and perforated sheets is a great way to keep busy moms from having to hunt for supplies!

Guide Review - Family Organizer

Whether or not you like, love, or are ho-hum about this organizer will truly depend on whether you are the type of mom who keeps everything together and maintains her organizer at home by the computer (or similar area) or prefer something you can take with you everywhere. To accommodate all its features such as calendar pages, special sections, perforated notes, sticky notes, handy pockets, and much of life's organizational needs means this organizer is big ... too big to put in even an oversized purse and too bulky for a satchel. But that is really not the intent of the designers, after all. Instead, this organizer is designed to be a lifeline for keeping the family on target and on schedule and is best accessed from home.

The sections offer clever titles (it is extremely well-written and when was the last time an organizer made you snicker, anyway?), with cute titles such as "family 411," "the best-laid plans," "she's making a list" and even "resources and recommendations." Writer Amy Keroes deserves kudos for interjecting survival tips and quotes from busy moms. Who couldn't chuckle over the quote, "Trust your instincts, if you can remember where you put them." And that's this product's purpose exactly!

Moms will need to decide whether the $24.95 price falls within their budget. If so, it can be conveniently ordered online and delivered to you (who has time to shop and hunt down a product, anyway?). If you do elect to make the purchase, you should find you are more organized, and your child's caregiver/babysitter and other family members won't have to search out key emergency or contact numbers or special instructions ... because you'll have it there to see at a glance. And that's a good thing.
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