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Raising Kids Right Means Staying in the Know About Health, Safety, Behavior, Fun


Who doesn't have concerns about raising kids? Whether it's ensuring that youngsters eat right, stay safe, behave appropriately, are cared for properly, or simply getting enough time to play and have fun, worrying seems like a full-time job! Here are tips to help the parenting and caregiver process a little easier!
  1. Issues and Concerns
  2. Child Health
  3. Child Safety
  1. Family Fun
  2. Raising Kids Right
  3. Kid Behaviors

Issues and Concerns

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Having someone care for your child can be downright stressful, and more so if you haven't found a caregiver or center you are comfortable with. Not all parent-provider partnerships are a successful match. Many relationships succeed, others fail, and quality of services, unrealistic expectations, costs, style of care, supervision, and poor communications can be among the reasons why.

Child Health

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From germs and easily communicable illnesses and diseases to boo-boos and overall cleanliness, there are lots of issues surrounding a child's health growing up. Here are tips and ways to keep a child healthy and happy when at child care.

Child Safety

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If parents didn't have enough to worry about, keeping kids safe continues to rank at the top of every doting adult's list. Here are safety issues and tips to consider to keep lil' ones safe at school, home and on the go!

Family Fun

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Don't forget the "fun index" when raising kids. Kids love to play and interactions between parents and kids are whaat family memories are made of. Be sure to build in quality and smile time into every day!

Raising Kids Right

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You've heard the adage that anyone can be a parent, but it takes lots of work to earn the title of mom or dad! Raising kids right isn't always easy, and here are tips and ideas from the experts to make the journey a positive adventure!

Kid Behaviors

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Whether it's biting, brattiness, or the dreaded "whines," here are tips for dealing with kid behaviors.

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