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Advice about raising kids successfully is always worth considering. After all, each day is a new adventure when it comes to parenting!
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Siblings: Setting the Stage for Positive Sibling Relationships
Just because they are siblings doesn't mean they'll get along. Sibling rivalry, accusations of parents playing favorites or that one child gets special treatment are normal. So are hugs. So how can you set the stage for positive relationships for a lifestime?

Are you and your siblings close?
Are you and your brother or sister close? Do your siblings remain in touch or have loving relationships today? What would you do differently as kids to have a positive relationship today?

Can we talk? Communicating with kids
Seemingly overnight, your kids who previously were NEVER quiet suddenly have nothing to say. To you, anyway. Consider these parenting tips to keep the lines of communication open and to know what's going on in your child's world.

Encouraging kids to open up and talk
Tips for sharing how you keep the conversations flowing with your kids

Should you tell your kids how much you make?
Children shouldn't be sheltered from the reality of money, family incomes and bills, and how economic times (good or bad) affect choices about what your family can afford to do. Frugal living provides the opportunity to teach kids about the value of saving money, budgeting, and spending money wisely. Those who are more fortunate can use those financial successes to instill the virtue of giving to others less fortunate and are struggling to make ends meet.

Do you buy your child's teacher a gift?
The holidays, teacher appreciation days, and end-of-year parties are the most popular times to show appreciation to your child's teacher or child care provider. Do you buy a gift, and if so, what do you choose?

More U.S. Kids Living With at Least One Working Parent
A 2007 U.S. government report on the nation's children and youth shows that more kids live with at least one working parent. That's the good news, but there are some setbacks as well.

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