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Once you've decided that an outside provider is right for your family, an important consideration in choosing the right option is child care cost. A big question is what level of service do you receive for the child care cost charged?
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Payment Systems May Mean More Timely Pay, Less Bounced Checks, and Greater Conve
Writing checks to pay for child care is quickly becoming a thing of the past at many daycare centers. Problems with bounced checks coupled with the hassle of weekly payments has led many family and day care providers to go to systems like debit cards or even recurring charge agreements. For subsidized child care, laborious paperwork and tracking may also be a thing of the past, as some states are taking it a step further by instituting a new e-childcare solution.

Nanny jobs: Down economic times mean pay, perks more negotiable
When times are good, qualified nannies are often sought-after, and parents are willing to dish out tantalizing pay, benefits and other perks for those nanny jobs. When the economy is sour, however, nannies no longer rule. Some formerly sought-after nannies are even finding themselves desperately in search for any type of nanny job.

Recession taking a toll on child support
Job losses are forcing more parents to seek changes in their child support payments. The end result is that everyone suffers: the parent who is trying to do the right thing but is out of a job, the custodial parent, and, of course, the child!

Saving money during today's tough economic times
The recession isn't going away anytime soon, so a growing number of families are hunkering down and tightening household budgets. This may mean changes in daycare, child enrichment and camps, and even food choices. Job losses by a parent may mean that child support payments are being reduced or may become non-existent.

Can You Afford a Baby in This Economy?
With the economy in the doldrums and no short-term solution in sight, many couples are postponing starting a family or placing the addition of siblings on hold. Having a baby is expensive enough on the family budget, but add in child care costs coupled with concerns about job security, and delays are inevitable.

The Economy's Impact on Child Care
Today's tough economic times are taking a toll on family budgets, and as a result, some parents are opting to pull their kids out of organized child care. Instead, they are relying on other options, and hoping for the best.

Job Interview is Not the Time for Child Care Questions
Much of our workforce is comprised of working parents, but potential employees sometimes talk themselves out of a job by bringing up child care concerns and talking about their kids prematurely.

Is There a Crisis with Child Care?
When parents work, quality child care is a necessity. The sticker shock of daycare can leave new parents reeling. For for families with more than one child, child care can eat up one salary, leaving parents wondering both working is worth it. Without that second salary, however, dreams such as a house and new car may not be obtainable.

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