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Child Safety

Safety is a full-time consideration for parents and caregivers alike. All stages of childhood bring with them different safety needs and awareness, and this site will provide ways to keep safety on the forefront when it comes to raising kids.
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Child Safety: Carbon Monoxide Leaks Can Be Deadly
Winter time can prove deadly for children and adults alike from deadly carbon monoxide leaks. Unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning kills hundreds of people nationwide each year, according to the Centers for Dease Control and Prevention. About 15,000 people visit the emergency room annually as well.

Child Safety - Child Suffocation Dangers Aren't Limited to Infants
It's by no means a new health concern, but child suffocation dangers are once again making the headlines. As more individuals downsize their homes or raise a family in cramped quarters, bed safety and the risk of child suffocation may be on the rise.

4 Steps for Kids Program Promotes Correct Use of Child Safety Seats
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's 4 Steps for Kids program promotes the correct use of child safety seats at different stages in a child's development.

Do swimming lessons for very young children help lessen the risk of drowning?
The American Academy of Pediatrics has just recently reverse its long-standing stance that children under the age of 4 aren't ready for swimming lessons. Instead, the AAP now says swimming lessons, when part of a comprehensive water safety plan, can help to protect children's safety around water.

May 25 is annual National Missing Children's Day
The National Missing Children's Day has been celebrated on May 25 since 1984. The date is the anniversary of the day in 1979 when 6-year-old Etan Patz disappeared from a New York street corner on his way to school. It was first proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan and has been observed by every administration since.

Do you think cell-phone usage should be banned while driving?
A growing number of school districts, municipalities and even states are considering banning talking on a cellphone while driving. Most exempt hands-free cell phone usage, but does that put an end to distraction? Why or why not? Share your thoughts!

Should You Let Your Child Go on Daycare Field Trips?
Field trips for kids always sound like so much fun. The exciting activities help relieve parental guilt that their child doesn't get to go special places, especially during summer months or breaks from the school year. While field trips are often a positive experience, they aren't always that way. Kids get separated from the group, left behind, or even left inside a locked hot car. The alter…

Hands-Free Cellphone Zones: Why Not Everywhere?
An incrasing number of traffic accidents are being attributed to driver distraction--often due to the driver texting or talking on the cell phone. So, why not just hang up the cell phone and drive?

When is my child old enough to stay home alone?
At what age is your old enough to be left home alone? Idealistically, the answer is "never" but parents face this issue more and more as costs of child care make letting an older child remain at home alone for a while seem more attractive. Having a "latchkey kid" as it is often called can save money and provide a greater convenience, but bad things can also happen to kids who stay home alone for any length of time.

Has Your Child Care Provider Cleared an Annual Background Check?
With nearly 12 million children under the age of 5 in some type of child care settings every week, a background check of potential child care providers can help parents feel more confident that their child is in safe car. But not all providers have background checks. Does yours?

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