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Ages and Stages

It's not unusual for parents to switch their child's care in accordance with their age and stage. As your kid grows and develops, the ideal care setting may need to change as well.
  1. Infants (4)
  2. Preschoolers (25)
  3. School-Age Kids (30)
  4. Toddlers (10)

Preschooler ages and stages: What parents most want to know
The preschool period, typically described as between ages 3 and 5, is often a favorite time for parents. You've survived the terrible twos and total dependence; preschoolers flourish in an environment of increased independence, self-control, and lots of creative play and learning! This stage marks the end of diapers, extreme tantrums, and early language learning. Rather, preschoolers are on th…

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