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Peaceful Images Child Development, Lancaster, Texas

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Flavorfav: I live in the area. It is supposed to be a child development center where not only are they daycare based but they work with the children as well.

Child Care Review Pros and Cons

Pros: They are open 24 hours, 6 days a week.

Cons: The children are not well supervised at this center.

Features and Comments

Features: Cost is about $90-100 per week.

Comments: My two grandchildren have had several incidents were they have been injured (to the point where doctor evaluations were necessary). When I go there, children are running in and out of the doors and doors to the bathrooms are left cracked open with trash cans (around 2-3 year olds). I have a friend where her child was immediately removed because a shelf with a TV fell over onto her son. The center is currently on probation (posted on the billboard at the front desk / Oct. 07). I also observed a day where I went to drop off my grandson in the area where breakfast is served and there were no staff in the kitchen. There were 3 year olds eating, and there was open access to the stove area with hot food on top of the stove. I had to go and get the Administrative staff to help me find the kitchen personnel. Suppose one of those children had a choking incident, who would have known? The kitchen staff was down the hall on the telephone. I have taken my children from this daycare and my suggestion is that they do not even deserve the rating of a one; find another daycare for your children.

Attended: March-October 2007.

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