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Whether you're an occasional babysitter, an experienced family child care provider, or work in a daycare, caring for kids is one filled with demands, health and safety issues, activities, and communications. Parents and providers are partners in raising kids successfully, and caregovers can learn ways to increase that connection through resources and shared experiences.
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Communications & Expectations

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An effective partnership between parents and providers is the key for providing a successful child care experience. Here are ways providers can help ensure positive and ongoing interactions with families in their care.

Kid Watch: Tips and Advice to Share

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Of course, not every kid can be an angel all the time! However, there are certain rules and expectations as to how kids should act and what they should do in order for the experience to be successful for everyone involved!


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There are a lot of great child care provider and parenting resources and ways to connect with others who share interest in raising kids. Here are some recommended areas to check out!

Child Activities

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Play IS learning when it comes to infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Here are some activities for kids on the grow and go!

A Career in Child Care

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It takes a lot more than loving kids to be a success child care provider ... just ask any experienced early educator! But, if you have what it takes, a career in child care can be rewarding and meet the needs of your family and those of kids you help to raise!

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