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Considering becoming a child care provider or are you a seasoned child care provider with years of experience? The job can be extremely rewarding, but as those in the know already know it comes with certain challenges and issues. Significant research should be conducted before you make the decision to care for other families' children as a child care provider.
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Do men Make good child care providers?
There's no doubt that the child care industry is comprised mostly of women, but does that mean men can't be child care providers? Of course not! With the same training, men can become qualified and highly sought-after care providers as well.

Career in Child Care - Loving Kids Isn't Enough for This Hard Job
Tough economic times often lead to an increase in the number of people opting to become child care providers. Sometimes, it is due to a parent losing a job; othertimes, it is because the cost of daycare is too much on an already-stretched household budget. But a career in child care involves much more than simply loving kids!

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