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Why Oh Why Do Kids Ask Why?


Question: Why Oh Why Do Kids Ask Why?
Does your kid bombard you with questions from sun up to sun down, slowing down only to eat and perhaps play? Why, oh why, do kids love seeking out answers so much?
Answer: Kids just love asking questions and finding out answers to, well, about everything! Asking why, or who, or what, or when (you get the point) helps a kid feel more in control of his life and fosters independence. The never-ending barrage of questions may at times seem overwhelming, but try and answer the ones you can. Simple responses are best. And, don't be afraid to say you don't know the answer to something. Instead, team up to become adventure sleuths and find out the answer together!

Here are some question-and-answer tactics to try:
  • Turn their question around to one back. "Why do you think that happened?" This encourages a child to ponder possible scenarios and to become a deeper thinker.
  • Answer simply and matter-of-factly, but avoid acting irritated at your child asking questions. After all, that is how our youngsters learn.
  • If questions are still daunting or overwhelming, schedule question-and-answer sessions or "think tank times." Ask your child to save questions for scheduled quality time where you can talk and answer questions without interruption or distraction.
  • Build "talk time" into your family ritual where a child's curiosity can be satisfied and family members can talk about whatever is on their mind. When kids become older and tend to talk about their problems or concerns with parents less, you'll be glad you started this tradition earlier!
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