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Everyone's kid is perfect, right? It's always a relief to know that the less-than-perfect behaviors are a very normal part of growing up. However, disruptive or hurtful actions cannot be allowed, and providers will be quick to tell you about child behaviors and actions that need to be addressed. What to do to ensure youngsters' actions are on the right path?
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Child Discipline - Do Time-Outs Really Work with Toddlers?
Giving your toddler a "time-out" as a form of discipline seems easy enough. Remove your toddler from the situation where he is acting out, sit him in a chair or in another room, and tell him he is in "time-out" from the activity. Or, at least that's the theory. But do child discipline time-outs actually work? It often depends on who you ask and how you apply the discipline.

Child Behavior - Why is Your Baby Crying and How Can You Stop It?
Of course your baby, or the one you are caring for, cries occasionally. But why is she crying and what can you do about a crying baby?

Discipline - Is it Okay to Discipline Another Parent's Child?
Who hasn't witnessed an out-of-control child whose parents are nowhere in sight? When should you discpline other people's children and when should you stay silent? The answer can be complex and stressful.

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