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Research Says Boys More Likely To Have Problems Reading

Trouble Is Not Behavior-Based


Researchers have speculated for years that boys have more difficulty reading than girls. New research supports that belief. The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that boys are more prone to having trouble reading than girls, and the reason is not due to behavior.

About 15 percent of school-children have a learning disability. One of these is a reading disorder, dyslexia, but reading issues can also be attributed to poor vision, speech or hearing issues, attention deficit disorders, or others.

Researchers found that in all studies, about 20 percent of the boys had reading disabilities compared with 11 percent of the girls. What should a parent of boys to do? The same advice still stands: read, read, and read to your child. When older, have him read to you. And, if in doubt of your child's reading skills, talk to his teacher.
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