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What Should I Pay a Babysitter?
Want to know what to pay a babysitter? UrbanSitter released its 2015 National Childcare Survey results on rates for babysitters and other child care providers.
How to Find Childcare Outside of Working Hours
While jobs are increasingly requiring nontraditional hours and days outside the 9-to-5 schedule, child care centers haven't gotten the message. Very few child care businesses operate on weekends and evenings. So, what are families to do?
What Should You Expect to Pay for Daycare?
Cost is always a factor when choosing childcare, so how much can parents expect to pay if they choose a daycare center?
What Age Should a Baby Be Placed in Child Care?
How old should your infant be before being placed in daycare or a child care setting?
10 Questions You Need to Ask Before Picking a...
You like the location and accept the established rate. What other questions should you ask before making a decision regarding a child care center for your kid? Here are 10 top questions to ask in determining whether the child care provider choice is right for you and your family.
Is Spanking a Child Ever Okay?
You either favor it, or are very strenuously against it. Deciding whether to spank a child as a form of child discipline creates strong emotional response, with little to no common ground. Your age, whether your parents spanked you, and your sense of control over your kids may factor into your belief system as well.
Top 12 Trends in Child Care
Child care is changing, and most agree it is for the best. What are some of the latest trends in child care and what should parents be looking for when making an all-important child care decision?
10 Ways to Strengthen Parent-Child Relationships
Improving parent-child relationships takes work. Parents can deepen their bond with children by creating rituals and spending quality time with them.
Teen Babysitters Wanted
Babysitting can be a good way to make money for teenagers, and offers flexibility in terms of hours of locations. Here are tips on what to do to get the job ... and a return sitting gig as well!
The Perfect Solution When You Need a Last...
Craving for an evening out with your spouse without kids? Or, did the babysitter call in sick an hour before she's due at your home? More and more families are opting for a guilt-free and cancel-proof option of using drop-in child care. As a result, centers are prospering and may be popping up at a location near you!
8 Fantastic Ways to Stop Kids Fighting
Kids fighting is a child behavior that is listed at the top of undesirable child behaviors. But the child behavior of fighting is common; the key is to know how to deal with and not let it turn into bullying or something worse.
Effective Ways to Stop Your Child from Hitting
Disciplining a toddler is no easy matter. But certain behaviors have to be stopped at once. Hitting is one such behavior. What can you do to put a stop to a child's hitting before someone gets hurt?
25 Essential Questions to Ask a Babysitter...
Before you choose your child's babysitter, consider these all-important questions to ask to feel comfortable and confident in leaving your youngster under someone else's care.
15 Memorable Quotes From Fred Rogers
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood is a beloved television show. Fred Rogers taught children and adults lifelong lessons. Here are 15 memorable quotes by Fred Rogers.
Top 10 Things Child Care Providers Want YOU To...
Child care is a profession, not a babysitting service. And, as a business, there are certain things that
Before You Consider a Career in Child Care
Interested in a career in child care? Is it to remain with your own children while earning an income or because you find being with children all day rewarding and enriching. Keep in mind that child care isn't for everyone!
7 Activities for Teaching Kids About Fire Safety
Fire safety does not necessarily need to be a serious or scary topic for kids. Here are 10 fun activity ideas that child care providers, parents and teachers alike can utilize to get the safety message across while still having fun in the process.
Find Your Next Babysitter with This Funky New...
Want to find a babysitter? Urbansitter.com is a website and app where parents can book babysitters recommended by people they know through Facebook connections. Search sitters by date & time, book jobs, and even pay online.
10 Things About Using Grandparents for Child Care
If you're lucky enough to have your child's grandparents living nearby, chances are you've already used them for child care. But whether it is for occasional babysitting or for full-time care while you work, here are things you should consider first.
The Final Word on What to Pay a Babysitter or...
What to pay a babysitter or a nanny varies across state. Read what UrbanSitter learned about babysitter rates.
Top 10 Tips for Teaching Kids About Fire Safety
Child care providers, teachers and parents alike should partner together to teach children of all ages, and especially youngsters, about fire safety. Here are 10 tips for teaching fire safety for kids.
Changing The Stigma of Paternity Leave, One Dad...
Want to get dads to take more paternity leave? Show them that their counterparts are taking it.
What is a Mother's Helper?
What is a mother's helper and is the job different than that of a babysitter or in-home care provider?
When is my child old enough to stay home alone?
: When is my child old enough to stay home alone? Letting an older child stay home while you run a quick
10 Tips to Get Your Kids Up and Ready in the...
Getting kids up and ready for the day is one of the chief laments of stressed parents. Do toddlers dawdling, kids not eating, wardrobe fights, and tears and outbursts sound like your morning routine...at least on occasion? Here are ways to de-stress your start of every day.
7 Ways to Keep Your Kids in Their Own Bed at...
Your children have their own beds. So, why won't they stay in them all night? Here are some tips for helping the transition to bedtime a more smooth one.
Should I Use A Nanny Cam?
More and more folks are using nanny cams in their homes. While it may give peace of mind, you should know the pros and cons.
Potty Training a Child in Daycare Takes...
Potty training a child in daycare requires parents and providers to work together. Here are communication tips to make training a successful team effort.
Top 6 Child Discipline Techniques to Try
Effective discipline is a constant challenge that all parents and anyone who works around kids face. Figuring out the best tactic for an effective disciplinary approach varies from parent to parent. Every kid also responds differently as well, making discipline in itself difficult! Here are some techniques to help you decide approach and then practice what you pick!
Top Reasons to Consider Family Child Care
There are many options to consider when choosing child care and family child care remains a preferred choice for many parents.
What is Daycare for Kids?
What is daycare for kids and how is it different than other types of childcare options?
10 Valentine's Day Treats To Make With Kids
Valentine's Day is a perfect time to get your kid in the kitchen and let them help make some holiday treats. Check out 10 ideas for Valentine's Day treats for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.
When Your Youngster is Let Go from Child Care
You've spent countless hours researching caregivers and child care options, only to find the perfect fit for your family. But the feeling isn't mutual, it seems, after you receive notice that your child is being terminated due to behavioral, academic or even fundamental philisophical concerns. Child providers are entitled to release kids from care, and more and more centers and even in-home providers are doing it to provide a more successful operation overall.
Nanny Interview Questions: Infant Edition
Returning to work after maternity leave can be a overwhelming and stressful experience. If you choose to hire a nanny, it is important you find someone you trust and someone who has exprience with infants. This article provides suggested interview questions to ask nanny candidates when hiring for an infant.
How to Stop Your Child From Talking Back
Talking back is one of those unacceptable child behaviors that unfortunately seems to becoming more common. Check out tips to change this bad behavior.
8 Warning Signs of a Bad Babysitter
Short of using a monitoring system or nannycam that truly captures all activities throughout the home, how do parents really know if the babysitter they've hired to watch their kid is doing a good job? Here are telltale signs to watch for you need to find someone else to watch your kids.
How To Prepare a Sibling For a New Baby
It's no surprise that a previously only child may start acting out and sometimes downright ugly to parents who are expecting or have just brough home a new baby. The key is to stop those behaviors with some strong child discipline and lay the anxiety to rest.
New Books Offers Hilarious Explanations to...
Science of Parenthood: Thoroughly Unscientific Explanations for Utterly Baffling Parenting Situations is a new book about the challenges of parenting. Science of Parenthood tells it like it is in the parenting trenches and not how parenting is supposed to be.
What is a Nanny?
What exactly is a nanny and what job responsibilities does she perform?
How Can You Stop a Child From Biting?
What can a parent do to stop the destructive habit of a biting child?
2015 Holiday Bonuses for Babysitters and Nannies
This holiday season show your nanny or babysitter that you appreciate them with a thoughtful and appropriate bonus.
Parents and Providers Discuss How to Stop A...
What can a parent do to stop the destructive, painful and socially unacceptable child behavior of a biting child?
Night Nannies Provide Exhausted New Parents...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Ask any new parent,
Afterschool Child Care - Number of Kids Home...
Millions of kids go home to an empty house after school, and the number of unsupervised kids after 3 p.m. has risen over the past five years.
Is a Preschool Education Important?
Many parents questions whether a preschool education is necessary. In preschool, children learn social and emotional development, behavior management and academics.
10 Celebrities Who Babysat Other Celebrities
Celebrities are just like us...they babysit and need babysitters! Check out 10 celebrities who babysat other celebrities when they were young.
Is There a Chemical-Free Way to Remove Head Lice?
: Is There a Chemical-Free Way to Remove Head Lice? Is there a way to remove head-lice without using
Before You Decide to Hold Your Child Back from...
Waiting a year to enter start school can help benefit kids throughout the rest of their school years, right? Experts are mixed and their pros and cons to both decisions. In the end, parents typically know best.
What is In-Home or Family Childcare?
What is a family child care provider and how is that different than an au pair or a babysitter?
Before You Buy Kid Clothes: Comfort, Practicali...
Before you buy clothes for your youngster for daycare or school, there's more you should know besides whether there is a school dress code. Here are suggestions from care providers and educators to ensure happy and comfortable kids!
What Can Parents Do If Their Child Dislikes...
Your child tantrums and cries before going to daycare or preschool. What can a parent do to solve this problem?
Top 8 Ways to Advocate for a Child with Special...
How should parents advocate for their child with special needs? Here are top ways to go to bat for your kid.
Top 10 Questions To Ask At Daycare Parent-Teach...
Parents can learn a lot of information about their child at parent-teacher conferences at daycare. Learn which questions are best to ask to gather the most information during your meeting.
8 Kid Gift Exchange Ideas For Under \$1
Your child's class is exchanging token gifts for a special occasion or holiday, or your kid's care provider, coach or teacher wants each parent to contribute something special to be placed in a goodie bag. With a little creativity, you can create a memorable gift for under $1 each.
How Do I Stop A Child From Playing With His...
Most kids at a certain stage of develop discover their penis or vagina, otherwise referred to as
Questions To Ask A Potential Child Care Provider
You've decided what your looking for in a daycare or child care setting. Now, ask your potential provider these 12 questions to determine whether it's the right fit for you and your family.
Is Your Kid Too Sick To Attend School or Daycare?
Your youngster says he doesn't feel good. But is your sick kid well enough to go to school or be around other youngsters? How do you know? What symptoms should you look for in your sick kid?
5 Tips For Parents Of Picky Eaters
If your child's eating habits are a sore topic in your household, you are not alone! Many children are picky eaters. Most kids get plenty of variety and nutrition in their diets over the course of a week. Until your child's food preferences mature, consider these tips for preventing mealtime battles.
10 Tips To Make Potty-Training A Success
Make your potty training experience quick and easy with 10 helpful tips.
Have A Kid Sleepover That's Fun and Snooze-Worthy
Slumber parties are a rite of passage for growing up with many kids, and having a successful sleepover requires some preparation and planning on the part of parents.
Babysitter Costs Too High? Try a Co-Op
Want a babysitter, but costs too high? Cut babysitting costs with a babysitting swap or babysitting coop. In a swap and coop, parents exchange babysitting services. Inexpensive and easy.
20 Things You Know If You Are The Child Of A...
Were you raised by a teacher? If your parent was a teacher, class was always in session for you.
Can Childcare Providers Be Exempt from Having a...
Some childcare providers are exempt from having licenses. These providers don't have health and safety inspections and may stand out in other ways.
Tips for Parents Seeking to Employ a Nanny in...
Employing a nanny, au pair or long-term babysitter is an increasingly popular choice for families, but parents should do their research first.
When Kids Fail
No parent likes to see his or her child fail. Failure, however, can be transformed into a learning experience that actually improves your child’s ability to succeed in the future.
Teach Kids To Use Inside Voices
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Childcare Options For The Modern Family: Day...
Choosing between daycare, a nanny/babysitter for your child is a very important decision. Tammy Gold guides parents on how to choose the best child care for your family.
Why Lime Juice, Grapefruit and Celery Cause...
Adults and children often develop sunburn on summer days after consuming lime juice, grapefruit or celery. Find out how to prevent phytodermatitis.
Teach Kids About the Reasons Behind Saying Sorry
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Parents Can Use Services to Find Babysitters...
As harried parents become more comfortable using childcare services over the Internet, they're finding babysitters for children online.
9 Tips for Finding Quality Family Time
Balancing work, family time and kid activities can be very challenging. Here are tips for maintaining balance for your family and creating a happier family team.
Do You Do Your Child's Homework?
Do you help your child with his or her homework? How much homework help is too much? A new survey says that more than 40 percent of parents nationwide do their child's homework.
Before You Hire A Babysitter: What You Should...
Regardless of whether you work inside or outside the home, occasions exist when a babysitter is necessary. Here are some tips to help you choose a trustworthy and reliable babysitter for your family.
Should Flu Vaccinations Be Mandatory?
Recently New York City struck down a mandate to require all preschoolers to get the flue vaccination.What is your opinion on whether or not to vaccinate your child?
Some Signs That You Have the Best Babysitter
How do you know that the caregiver you've picked will provide quality care? Before you leave your kids under someone else's care, review these signs you've got the best babysitter.
Is Your Child Experiencing Separation Anxiety?
Many children experience separation anxiety before school begins in the summer or after school break. Here are helpful tips to deal with your child's separation anxiety.
Do men make good child care providers?
There's no doubt that the child care industry is comprised mostly of women, but does that mean men can't be child care providers? Of course not! With the same training, men can become qualified and highly sought-after care providers as well.
Never Leave Kids in Car Alone
Parents, it is never ok to leave your kid in a car alone. Learn about the dangers of leaving kids in a car and how to prevent it.
Child Discipline - Do Time-Outs Really Work...
Whether time-outs are effective discipline depends on how they are used, who you ask, and how you apply the discipline.
5 Tips for Finding Child Care While on Vacation
Finding child care while on vacation or out of town can be somewhat...well, scary! How do you really know your kids will be taken care of properly and kept happy and safe?
What is a Nanny Share?
A nanny share is a childcare arrangement where one nanny cares for two children from different families. It is cost-efficient, teaches children social skills and is a great child care option.
Help for Parents Trying to Find Quality In-Home...
Parents can learn to find quality in-home daycare by following these tips. Finding the right childcare isn't easy, but it's far from impossible.
4 Tips to Manage Toddler Behavior
Toddler behavior like temper tantrums, fits, and all-around bad behavior can make a toddler seem like the boss. Here are ways to help toddlers overcome the terrible terrors of misbehaviors.
3 Areas Your Child Needs Consistency
Children need routine to develop security and grow. Sleeping, eating and discipline are 3 areas where children need consistency. All caregivers should follow the same routine and remain consistent for the benefit of the child.
Caring for Neighbor Kids Can Have Disadvantages
Families who care for neighborhood children may experience pros and cons. Learn how having neighbor kids over can be a positive experience.
Why School Districts Are Providing Childcare to...
More school districts are offering childcare to teachers to keep educators with young children working and happy and to lure in newcomers with kids.
Use Baby Sign Language to Communicate With Your...
Baby sign language can help your child communicate better and decrease frustration
Before You Hire a Babysitter: Questions to Ask...
Before you tell a babysitter or child care provider she's got the job of watching your precious tot, be sure to take the time to ask for and then check out references. Here are things to consider when interviewing references.
Tough Economic Times, Expense Means Some...
Any working parent knows that the cost of child care can eat away at much of a paycheck. In tough economic times, the cost for quality care services may have to go, especially when parents are struggling to put food on the table.
Parents Can Bond With Kids By Serving as a...
Student achievement is tied to parental involvement in education, making it important for parents to volunteer at their child's school or daycare.
How To Find a BabySitter For New Year's Eve
Parent's deserve some fun! UrbanSitter provides helpful tips for finding a babysitter for New Year's Eve.
Top 10 Considerations When Evaluating Your...
What better time than now to revisit your child's caregiver and child care setting to ensure your choice remains what is best for your child and your family?
Child Health: Teach Kids to Help Stop Spread of...
There are many good health habits adults can teach kids to help minimize the spreading of germs. The healthy habits should begin at home and then reinforced at a child's care setting or school.
10 Things to Ensure Before a Relative Cares for...
What are the pros and cons of having a relative care for your child?
Nanny Interview Questions: Twin Edition
Finding a nanny to care for twins can be a challenge. It is important to look for a carefiver with twins experience. This article provides suggested interview questions to ask nanny candidates when hiring for twins.
Tips for Parents and Caregivers on Teaching...
Parents and caregivers should teach children manners to help youth learn respect and tolerance and to succeed socially in any situation.
Explore Daycare Options Before Choosing a...
Parents should explore all daycare options and priorities before deciding which childcare provider is right for them. Use these tips as a guide.
Does Daycare Influence How a Child Performs in...
Learn about the pros and cons of daycare on a child's social skills, academic performance and behavior with this review of the benefits of preschool.
Top 10 Tips to Find Quality Child Care: Parents...
Quality child care abounds in most areas: the key is knowing where to look and what to look for. An important first step is determining what type of child care is right for your family. Quality child care options can include day care, in-home child care, nannies, au pairs, pre-school, and even you as the provider. Check out these options!
Can You Name the Best Sports for Children With...
Some sports better suit children with asthma than others. So, daycares or schools should recognize asthma triggers when planning physical activities.
Choosing a Nanny
Choosing and hiring a nanny can be an overwhelming and confusing experience. Here are some tips of where to start, what is important and how to find the best fit for your family.
What to Ask When Choosing a Daycare for Your...
Choosing a full-time daycare for your child takes time. Here are some quick questions to ask to get you thinking about the right answer!
Know These Safety Tips When Labeling Your...
Writing your child's name on personal items and clothing helps return the commonly left possessions back to your often forgetful kid. But, use caution when labeling these items; prominent identification could make your child a target.
Tips for Parents to Teach Children to Play...
Toddlers and small children often play roughly, but with these tips, parents concerned about roughhousing can teach kids to play gently instead.
Top 10 Ways Care Providers Can Express That...
Special occasions are not the only time child providers can utilize to promote their adoration for kids in their care. Caregivers can show their lovin' feeling toward their charges through special notes, attaboys (and attagirls), photo creations, and other memorable keepsakes. Here are top ways to show kids you care. And, parents, take note: these ideas work just as great for creative ways to tell your own kids you love 'em!
How Can I Help My Child to Feel Included at...
Kids often don't want to talk about it, but being excluded at child care or school can have a life-long impact. Parents can help and may need to make some decisions for their child if the problem doesn't get resolved.
Teaching Our Youth to be Environmentally...
Earth Day isn't the only day kids should learn about environmental awareness and conservation practices. With frightening news like global warming occurring more quickly than anyone initially thought, the time to get young kids to develop a social conscious is now. Hurry!
Tips For Saving Money On A Daycare Budget
Many care providers charge a supply fee each year for children; others factor in materials into their weekly or monthly costs. But supplies are expensive, and whether it is a separate fee or not, smart shopping is imperative to make those dollars stretch as far as possible. And parents can--and should--help out as well. Here are some tips for saving money on a daycare budget.
Has Your Child Care Provider Cleared A...
A background check for a child care provider can help you feel more confident that your child is in safe care. Not all providers are obligated to pass an initial or follow up background check. Here are some tips for finding a child care provider you feel confident your child is safe to be around.
Tips to Help Parents Choose the Right Preschool...
Many parents have no idea how to choose the right daycare for their child. This list of tips can help them make an informed decision about preschool.
How Parents Can Ask Employers to Cover the Cost...
Working parents can ask employers to help support the cost of childcare, and often it doesn't cost them a dime. Here are ways to ask for help.
Can We Talk? Tips on How to Talk to Kids &...
Seemingly overnight, your kids who previously were NEVER quiet suddenly have nothing to say. Consider these parenting tips on how to talk to kids to keep the lines of communication open and to know what's going on in your child's world.
Kid Chores Teach Responsibility, Family...
Giving kids chores can help teach responsibility and make them feel more valuable and involved in the family. Don't let chores become a negative issue or something to fight about by following these tips.
8 Lessons from Famous TV & Movie Nannies
The role of nanny or babysitter is not an easy task. Caring for children all day can be quite challenging, although many of our favorite on-screen caregivers made the job look simple and fun. Check out 8 famous nannies or babysitters from television and movies and the lessons we learned from them.
How Parents Can Use Stranger Danger Tips to...
Parents can use a number of stranger danger tips to help children learn about abduction risks and give them the tools necessary to remain safe.
Tipping Your Child's Care Provider or Teacher
The holidays and end-of-year are two standard times that many families show their appreciation of their child's care provider, teacher, and even school bus driver with a tip. Should you, and if so, how much?
Home Child Care: What is the Role of a Nanny?
What do nannies do in a home child care setting and how do they differ from a babysitter? Most nannies urge families to think of them as an extended member of the family and to value their training and expertise.
Are today's kids too stressed out?
Are we raising a generation of stressed-out kids? Sadly, the answer seems to be yes. Family dynamics, money concerns, social issues, and academic pressures seem to be the culprits.
12 Best Personalized Teachers' Gifts Under \$25
You absolutely love your child's caregiver or teacher. Here are 12 inexpensive personalized teacher gifts that will show your gratitude.
Top 10 Tips for Keeping Toddlers Safe and Sound
They're everywhere and into everything, and toddlers are injury prone and adventure bound. So, how do you keep your fearless adventurers out of harm's away during these curiosity-driven, no-bounds times on the go? Here are top tips for keeping toddlers safe and sound.
What Is An Au Pair?
What is an Au Pair and what is the term's origin?
6 Ways to Make Kids Want to Get Ready in the...
Do you dread getting your kids ready in the morning? Here are 6 fun ideas to improve your morning routine, keep everyone happy and get out the door on time.
Baby Nurse Interview Questions
The interview is very important when choosing a newborn care specialist or baby nurse. This list provides suggested questions to ask a baby nurse during a phone or in-person interview.
Are You Stuck in a Finger Food Rut?
Are you sending the same lunch to daycare everyday? Here are some finger food ideas that are simple to prepare, easy to pack and will add variety to your child's meals.
6 Tips When Using Grandparents as Child Care
Having grandparents provide child care is a great idea for many families. Here are 6 things parents should consider before getting into this caregiver relationship.
15 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe During School...
School breaks give kids and caregivers much-needed refueling time, with relaxed schedules and more play time. During these breaks, however, children may get the impression that rules also have been relaxed, an assumption that can lead to dangerous situations or even accidents. Child safety is just as important during these breaks as when school is in session.
When Is it Appropriate to Discipline Another...
Is it ever okay to discipline other people's children? When a child is unruly and putting others in harm's way, it may be necessary to intervene.
Parenting Bloggers Share Their Holiday Traditions
Parenting bloggers share their holiday traditions. What traditions do you share with your kids and families?
8 Tips For Teaching Kids The Value of Writing...
Good manners is something that should be emphasized by parents and child care providers alike, and it's never too soon to start. Teaching kids to give thanks by writing thank you notes is a gesture that should be taught, and kids should understand that expressing gratitude is a part of opening presents.
5 Myths About Going Back to Work After...
Returning to work triggers different feelings for every mom. The anticipation of returning to work may be more stressful than the actual return. Read about five common myths moms think about returning to work after maternity leave.
Top 10 Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing Child Care
Many parents pick the wrong child care, or even type of care, and then wonder why their child is unhappy. Avoid these pitfalls when choosing care for your child, and everyone in the family will be happier because of it.
7 Ways To Teach Your Child to Be A Good Friend
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10 Places To Go To Keep Kids Busy This Winter
Keeping your kids entertained and active during the winter can be challenging. Here are 10 out of the house things for kids to do this winter.
How Parents and Educators Can Make Reading Fun...
Parents, teachers and childcare providers can make reading fun for small children by taking input from kids and making reading a routine.
The 50 Best Parenting Tips from Nannies
Most nannies and daycare teachers are professional childcare providers with years of experience. Here are 50 tips for raising babies and toddlers from nannies, babysitters and daycare teachers.
Study: Early Intervention May Reduce Autism...
A new study found that autistic symptoms can be detected as early as 6 months and may be eliminated if parents participate in early intervention. Childcare providers should also be included in this training.
Toy Donations: Be Sure Items Are Worth Sharing
Kids outgrow toys as they change and grow, but gently-loved toys are always appreciated by those less fortunate. Other key toy donation times include following Christmas and birthdays, when duplicate or unwanted/underappreciated toys and items are sometimes received. But before you send them off to charity, please be sure that the toys are worthy of sharing and are in guarantee of a smile on a child's face.
How to Hire a Babysitter For Your Vacation
Bringing a babysitter on your family trip will make it feel like the vacations you took before you had kids. Whether the babysitter assists with daytime activities or watches your kids while you go to dinner, a sitter is sure to help make your trip more relaxing.
How to Find a Babysitter for Valentine’s...
It may be tricky to find a babysitter for Valentine’s Day, but with a little advance planning and creative thinking, you may get lucky and may even find your new favorite babysitter.
Top 10 Things to Do NOW for Finding Quality...
Perhaps you were a lucky one who took the summer off or an extended break from work and didn't require child care services. Or, maybe your pre-schooler had a non-traditional care setting at a camp or enrichment setting (or even family help) that is coming to the end. With a change in routine and care arrangements looming, have you and your family adequately prepared for quality child care services?
How Do You Know If Your Child Has a Development...
Many developmental delays can be recognized early to allow children to begin receiving therapy/treatment prior to entering school, and parents should learn the signs and act early.
6 Creative Indoor Activities To Keep Kids Busy...
Keeping children entertained during the winter months can be very challenging. Here are indoor activities that kids can do with parents, caregivers or friends.
10 Life Lessons from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood teaches children social, emotional and behavioral lessons.
Returning to Work? 6 Tips To Feel Emotionally...
Returning to work after maternity leave is a hard and emotional experience. Check out some tips to help you feel better those first few weeks back at work.
10 Best Books About Babysitters
It is important for children to get used to spending time with babysitters and other caregivers besides mom and dad. Here is a list of books which portray babysitters in a positive light and can help with first time babysitter jitters!
What Parents and Caregivers Should Do When a...
Childcare providers, coaches and parents should know how to respond when a child has a chipped tooth or even knocks a tooth out. Quick action helps.
How Do Providers Care For a Kid with an Injury?
How does a child care provider accommodate a kid with an injury? It's important that parents and providers have a common understanding about health and safety during a child's recovery time.
What should you do when uninvited siblings/gues...
You're on a limited budget and pay per child for your youngster's birthday party. Everything is set until some invited guests are accompanied by uninvited siblings. What should you do?
Bike Safety - How Parents and Kids Should Pedal...
Before your child jumps on the bike to ride to school or to a friend's house, there are bike safety rules parents should review with their kids.
What Should Daycare Cost In Your State?
Thinking about sending your child to daycare? Find out the costs for both center-based daycare and in-home family care, by state.

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