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Parent involvement - Is it ever possible to have too much help? Not when it comes to assisting with a room of infants, toddlers, or school-aged children. The more the merrier, and parent involvement is encouraged--and in some cases desperately needed--to provide those extra helping hands.
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Top Ways Kids Can Help Others in Need
How can your child help others in need? Readers share their ideas.

Do You Do Your Child's Homework?
So much for teaching kids responsibility and learning reinforcement. A new survey says that more than 40 percent of parents nationwide do their child's homework.

Helicopter Parents Cite Technology for Hovering
Technology has enabled parents to watch their kids while at daycare, check grades on a daily basis, and determine whether their school-aged children are getting to school and classes on time. But is there such a thing as too much instant information that takes away decision-making and accountability lessons from our youngsters?

Teacher Tips for Good Parent-Teacher Conference
Parent-teacher conferences can sometimes unnerve even the most experienced of parents. But rather than avoiding these times, parents should embrace the opportunity to learn more about their children and academic strengths and weaknesses.

How Do I Start A Playgroup?
Starting a playgroup with families can help to foster social skills for your toddler as well as provide some "adult time" for the parent. How do you get started?

People You Should Know at Your Child's School or Daycare
In addition to helping your children be prepared, well-fed and dressed appropriately for the school day, parents should also be sure they do extra homework on the side to get to know all the "important people" at school or child care. Here's who should be on your "must know" list.

Kid Behavior: Tips for Public Outing Success
The public beastly behavior can start when your child is just under a year or age and continue, well, for what seems like an eternity! Taking your youngsters with you on public outings is as much feared as it is often a necessity. That's because trips to stores, businesses, restaurants, and other public places can bring out unbecoming behavior in your kids. Here are ways to tame that beast-like behavior.

Reclaim Your Family Time
Are family members becoming like strangers, meeting each other coming and going on a daily basis? Here are ways to reclaim quality family time.

Parent Involvement Wanted: How To Volunteer At Your Kid's School/Daycare
Student achievement and confidence are closely tied to positive parental involvement in a student's education. So, how do you get involved? Easily. Here's how.

Kids and Money
When should kids start receiving financial incentives to aid in their financial awareness and independence as adults? What can parents and care providers do to help with learning about money?

10 Ways To Foster A Child's Creativity
Aahhhh, the magic of childhood! It's a time when when kids' imagination have no limits. Creative children view the world as endless possibilities and adventures, and can imagine their life as a princess or pirate or dream of their future with no boundaries applied. Here are 10 ways to inspire children and encourage their creative genius.

Holiday Eating Tips...Wink, Wink!
Here are some holiday ho-hos to combat the seasonal madness that comes with this time of the year and all its excess...especially in the food arena!

Scrapbook This! Give A Gift That Keeps Giving
Looking for a gift that doesn't end up unused in the corner of a child's room--or worse--in the trash shortly after the glee of a new present is past? Consider a gift that keeps giving; one that can be added to and enjoyed throughout the year. And what can be more enjoyable than starting a family scrapbook for a child?

Involve Dad In Early Child Care Programs
Dad's today are more apt to want to be involved with their children in others ways than coaching sports teams and being the financial breadwinner. At the same time, dads are facing longer hours at work. What can be done to help dads become more connected with their kids?

Dealing with Toxic People
How do you deal with people who are "toxic?"

Make The Most Of A Parent-Caregiver-Teacher Conference
Talking with your child's teacher or caregiver in a non-threatening, non-hurried setting is the best way to find out information that can enhance your child's learning and growth.

Simple Ways To Strengthen The Parent-Child Relationship
Building a positive relationship between parent and child is one that requires work and effort. Here are 10 simple ways to enhance the bond.

Book It! Make Summer Reading Fun For Kids
Summer reading can become a highlight of a child's day--it just takes planning and creativity! Here are some ideas for making reading in the summer a roaring good time!

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