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Backup and Special Occasion Child Care

What working parent hasn't at some time encountered a sick caregiver on the very day there is a critical meeting at work? Or, perhaps you're looking to enjoy a kid-free night on the town while on vacation but don't know where to look. Quality child care does exist for special occasions, but the key is to do some research ahead of time so you're prepared.
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Drop-In Care: A Growing Guilt-Free Babysitting Option
Craving for an evening out with your spouse sans kids? Or, did the babysitter call in sick an hour before she's due at your home? More and more families are opting for a guilt-free and cancel-proof option of using drop-in child care. As a result, centers are prospering and may be popping up at a location near you!

Finding Child Care When You Don't Work 9 to 5
While jobs are increasingly requiring nontraditional hours and days outside the 9-to-5 schedule, child care centers haven't gotten the message. Very few child care businesses operate on weekends and evenings. So, what are families to do?

Online Babysitting Services Can Be A Click Away
Online babysitting services is a growing trend as harried parents become more comfortable with services found over the Internet. Who would have ever thought that Mary Poppins could be but a "click" away?

Finding Quality Child Care While on Vacation
Finding child care while on vacation or away from home can be somewhat...well, scary! How do you really know your kids will be taken care of properly and kept happy and safe? Numerous resorts and vacation hot spots offer child care services, but parents should really check out the facilities and staff qualifications before leaving kids at an unknown facility. Here are places to try and things …

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