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Quick Tips for Raising Successful Kids

Featured are tips, suggestions and ideas for parents and for assistance in raising successful and happy kids.

Parenting Tip: Use Caution When Labeling Clothes, Backpacks, and Kid Items
Writing your child's name on personal items and clothing helps return the commonly left possessions back to your often forgetful kid. But, use caution when labeling these items; prominent identification could make your child a target.

Raising Kids: Keep It Cool and In Perspective
Sure, raising kids is a tough job. But, sometimes well-meaning parents really do forget the perspective of a child and think things can be worse than they really are. Experts say relax and love 'em!

5 Tips For Surviving and Thriving In The School Year
Whether your child is in pre-school, daycare, or has started school, not only surviving--but thriving--the school year is a one that takes planning and family teamwork.

Introducing A Child To Your New Friend
Less is usually more when introducing the new person in your life to your children.

Is This Movie Kid-Worthy?
Before parents or child care providers take children to a movie or pop a video in for afternoon viewing, they might want to read reviews first. Here are some ways to learn more about what your children might watch.

Boys and Reading: Is There A Connection?
New research confirms that boys have more problems reading than girls.

Child Safety Tips: Safety Tips To Avoid Abduction Dangers
Not a week goes by when there is not a news report or alert concerning an abducted or missing child. What can parents do to help ensure their child is safe?

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