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How important is it for your child to begin academic readiness prior to entering kindergarten? How soon do you want your child to read? Do you favor early second language instruction? What about enrichment activities taught during the caregiver period? Some families believe that preschool programs provide their children with an educational edge.
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Helping Preschoolers Transition Between School and Summer
Your childs experience this spring at preschool will help determine the success of transitioning to summer fun and then back to school in the fall. Here are ways to keep a smile on your tot's face during the year and summer as well.

Preschool is Transforming into Time to Learn and Not Just Play
More and more public schools are working closely with community child care centers and preschools to help kids be prepared for school when they enter kindergarten.

Preschool Tips At A Glance
Choosing a preschool that's right for your child and your family may not be as easy as you think. The right preschool can help children to be better equipped for school by the time they reach kindergarten. But "right" may mean different things to different children. What should you consider before making this important decision? And where can you get help?

State-Funded Preschool Programs Lacking
A difference of a few miles can mean whether a child has access to a high-quality, state-funded preschool program such as Head Start, according to a new study by the National Institute for Early Education Research. The complete report is available online.

Does Preschool Make Your Child More Prepared For School?
What skills are important for a preschooler to learn and do they necessarily help a child to be more prepared to enter kindergarten? Does being in preschool promote school readiness?

What Does Your State Offer in Pre-K?
Learn more about state-funded pre-kindergarten programs in your state.

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