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Parenting Exchange of Tips and Advice About Raising Kids

There's no manual when it comes to raising kids right, but experience and wisdom can help make the journey a little easier! Here are tips and considerations on a variety of kid topics.

Stress Out: Check Out These Favorite Parenting Tips
Can a person have too many parenting tips to consider? In today's busy world where issues, dilemmas and expectations are everywhere, the answer is probably not! Here are top parenting tips about kid care on an assortment of topics.

Lose Charge: Ways to Keep Your Cool Around Kids
Kids have a way of sometimes bringing out the absolutely worst in adults. They can bait, talk back, and pout until you screm, "I give!" Here are ways to stay sane and in control.

Exercise and Children
You already know that all children need exercise, but how much is enough? What amount do experts recommend to ensure physical fitness and to minimize the risk of becoming overweight?

Getting Crayons Off Walls
Got crayon marks on your walls? No problem! Here's how to remove them.

Creating Joy in Kids
It's one thing to raise kids who are safe but it's another to ensure they are happy. While some children seem happy almost all the times, others display early traits of disenchantment with life. What can adult providers do to help raise kids who find joy in life?

Finding a Right-Size Backpack for Your Child
Don't just go out and buy the latest-style, cute backpack for kids. Before you get your child's daycare or school supplies, consider these backpack tips first.

Kids and Allowance: Start Early for Best Understanding
While kids typically learn about money and its value at school (and sometimes at daycare), how to manage money happens at home. Providing your kids with an allowance is a great tool for creating early understanding about the concept of money.

Cellphone Tips to Use with Kids
Who would have thought a cellphone can be used for much more than just talking? Here are some parenting tricks to use with your phone.

Depressed Moms Can Lead to Depressed Kids
It's probably not much of a surprise that depression in moms can lead to a cycle of depression in kids. What can you do to stop the cycle?

Will Holding Kids A Year Back Help Them Excel?
Waiting a year to enter start school can help benefit kids throughout the rest of their school years, right? Experts are mixed and their pros and cons to both decisions. In the end, parents typically know best.

Toy Donations: Be Sure Items Are Worth Sharing
Kids outgrow toys as they change and grow, but gently-loved toys are always appreciated by those less fortunate. Other key toy donation times include following Christmas and birthdays, when duplicate or unwanted/underappreciated toys and items are sometimes received. But before you send them off to charity, please be sure that the toys are worthy of sharing and are in guarantee of a smile on a child's face.

Kid Chores Teach Responsibility
Giving kids chores can help teach responsibility and make them feel more valuable and involved in the family. Don't let chores become a negative issue or something to fight about by following these tips.

Quality Family Time: It's All In The Balance!
Is your family meeting each other coming and going? Here are ways to provide "life's balance" and create a happier family team.

Top Tips for Kid Bathroom Public Outings
Letting a kid go solo into a public bathroom is an unsettling thought at best. But, at a certain age, moms have to let their sons use the boys' bathroom and dads their daughters use the girls' room. Here are tips for helping make it a success.

Is My Kid Ready To Spend The Night Away From Home?
Is your kid ready to spend the night away from home? How about going away for more than one night to a summer or weekend camp or even a week-long outing? How do parents know when a child is ready to spend the night away?

When Kids Fail: Parents Can Help Create Learning Experience
No parent likes to see his or her child fail. Failure, however, can be transformed into a learning experience that actually improves your child’s ability to succeed in the future.

Is Your Child Developing On Schedule?
When should your child be rolling over? Walking? Talking? What are the developmental milestones that you should watch for with your child, and when should become concerned?

Kids Want Their Parents to be Less Stressed Out
Kids would rather their parents be less stressed out and to take a "chill pill" than spend more time with them, according to a recent study.

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