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What is a Mother's Helper and How Does the Job Vary from a Babysitter?


Question: What is a Mother's Helper and How Does the Job Vary from a Babysitter?
What is a Mother's Helper and how does the role differ than that of a babysitter or in-home provider?
Answer: A Mother's Helper essentially helps out a stay-at-home parent or a family needing extra help while they are home. A Mother's Helper mostly works under some supervision to handle all aspects of child care, errands, easy meal preparation and light house work. Because of the varied duties and because an adult is often in the home as well, the role is different than that of a babysitter, nanny or in-home provider.

Day-to-day duties may vary with a Mother's Helper, as the more accurate job description will be do "perform duties as per the family's needs." This job is very flexible, may be either part-time or full-time, live in or live out, may include babysitting on occasion (when the helper is in sole charge), and may be an hourly or salaried position.

Typically, the role of a Mother's Helper is held by young women who may aspire to move into other child care positions in the future. A growing use of a Mother's Helper is for parents who telecommute (work from home), home-school children, or have a home-based business. While a Mother's Helper usually has babysitting experience, no qualifications are required to perform the job. CPR and first aid training are recommended.

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