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Top 7 Parenting Books: Reading Suggestions About Children and Child Care Services


Looking for some interesting parenting book reads about children and child care services? Whether you're seeking practical advice and references or anecdotal humor about parenting, child care, and what to do with your kids over the breaks from regular care or the school year, here are some suggested parenting book titles.

1. Three-Ring Circus: Balancing "Marriage Work, and Family" Parenting Book

"Three Ring Circus: How Real Couples Balance Marriage, Work and Family" is an parenting book anthology of short stories by dual-career parents about how they manage to make the juggling act of parenting, marriage, and work all balance while maintaining some sanity in the process.

2. "Choosing Childcare for Dummies" Parenting Book

The information in this parenting book is written in an easy-to-follow format and offers common-sense tips and advice. It also offers good parenting tips, such on ways to help a child make a smooth transition to a caregiver.

3. "Laying Down the Law: The 25 Laws of Parenting" Parenting Book

Disciplining children effectively is always a difficult topic to tackle in any household. This parenting book lays out 25 laws of parenting to keep your kids on track, out of trouble, and (pretty much) under control.

4. "The Working Parents Handbook" Parenting Book

This comprehensive manual (versus an actual parenting book)from the editors of the UCLA Working Parents Newsletter is organized chronologically and includes great tips such as sending your nanny to CPR certification and making lunches your kids will actually eat.

5. "Life's Work: Confessions of an Unbalanced Mom" Parenting Book

This parenting book contains a collection of columns by author Lisa Belkin with The New York Times on such topics as cell phones, lap tops, deadlines, appointments, kids, pets, husbands, schools, and more. Belkin addresses daily trivial activities take take on great importance as well as the really important issues that sometimes get lost in the shuffle.

6. "School's Out: Resources for Your Child's Time" Parenting Book

When school's out, whether it be for the day, the year, or for holidays and vacations, what's a parent to do? This parenting book contains some valuable tips and resources for making the most of your child's time.

7. "Child Care: Yeow! I'm in Charge of a Human Being" Parenting Book

If you're considering a child care business, occasionally watching other children, or just want more information about being in charge of kids, this informational child care and parenting book should be added to your reading list.

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