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Children's Book: Think Green!

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The Bottom Line

This stunningly-illustrated and child-friendly book is written by Jeanine Behr Getz in a way that encourages kids to feel proud of green efforts they are already doing as well as encouraging thinking of more earth-friendly solutions. It should be placed in every daycare and elementary school library to help encourage children to commit themselves to helping our environment and going green.


  • Bright and cheery illustrations by Jenny Nightingale
  • Topic is a "must read" for all kids
  • Encourages kids ways to become involved in protecting earth
  • Book encourages kids to think about environmental solutions
  • Three Rs are emphasized: recycle, reuse, reduce


  • Book focuses on ages 3-to-8 but older kids may also like the discussions the book generates
  • Some character names are hard for young readers to sound out (i.e. Millicent and Ignacio)


  • What better way to introduce early readers on ways to become environmentally-conscious kids than through a great book?
  • Book lets kids feel they are already accomplishing efforts to help the planet (such as drinking from a water fountain)
  • Kids can relate to reusing ideas from illustration of giving away toys and clothes no that are no longer used or fit
  • Educators will love the book because page after page encourages conversation and ideas to be generated

Guide Review - Children's Book: Think Green!

Saving the environment has become a topic of frequent discussions at my two youngest children's elementary school. The school is increasing its recycling reducing and reusing efforts and teachers are challenging the students in all grades to find more ways to think green. This book delivers in its promise to encourage kids to get involved as well as having friends and family members join in on this very important cause as well. The book is never preachy; rather, it provides constant praise for small efforts (such as turning off the television when leaving a room) as well as larger actions such as planting a tree or picking up litter. A unique component of the book is how it encourages readers to think of ideas on how to keep our world green and clean. Second graders reading this book found it interesting and asked questions afterward...making it the very definition of a successful book. I highly recommend it for your child's personal book collection and for teachers to read it while planning Earth Day activities and other environmental actions throughout the year.

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