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Germs, Ickies and Illnesses

The amount of germs and illnesses in a child's classroom is enough to make anyone sick! Luckily, there are ways to minimize the risks.

Helping The Medicine Go Down
Your child is sick and has been prescribed medicine. What can you do to help make taking medicine a better experience for both parents and children?

Cold Germs Linger for Days
Watch out for shared toys, especially those in waiting rooms of doctor's offices. Those cold germs can linger for days, a medical study shows.

Child Health: Hand Sanitizers and Washing Go Hand in Hand
What's best? Good ol' hand washing or hand sanitizer. No surprise here, the answer is "both." When used together, your chances of coming down with a case of the germies is minimized.

It's Germ Warfare in Kid Classrooms
It comes as no surprise that schools and daycares are far from clean. But what lurks at the microsophic level may be more dangerous than we realize. Put lots of kids in a classroom or daycare environment together and germ warfare is inevitable. But there are defenses that can help your kid stay healthy.

Child Health Habits: Teach Kids to Help Stop the Spread of Germs
There are many good health habits adults can teach kids to help minimize the spreading of germs. The healthy habits should begin at home and then reinforced at a child's care setting or school.

Is There a Chemical-Free Way to Remove Head Lice?
Studies show that head lice have become increasingly resistant to chemical treatments. What to do? "Combing" wet hair is four times more likely to rid scalps of lice. But there is a technique to doing it.

Should My Child Get The New Meningitis Vaccine?
A new meningitis vaccine is being recommended for preadolescents (ages 11-12) or as students enter high school or head off to college. The newly-approved vaccine helps protect against meningococcal disease.

Scratch This Off Your List: Poison Ivy Can Be Avoided With Proper Care
You can scratch poison ivy off your list with some precaution. Ninety percent of people are susceptible, and poison ivy afflicts 55 million Americans each year.

Keeping the Boredom Away When Your Kid is Sick
So, your kid has the stomach bug or strep throat and is down for the count and out of child care or school for a day or two...or even longer. What's a parent to do to keep a kid's boredom away during recovery time? Here are some tips.

Killer Bug: Staph Outbreaks Prompt More Precautions
A growing number of deadly cases resulting from a "super bug" commonly referenced as staph infections means schools, child care centers, hospitals, and public settings need to heed warnings and step up preventative health care.

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