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Best Academy Child Learning Center Inc., Bartow, FL

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Vanilla: I found this center because I am a teacher and I was looking for employment and a friend told me that they were hiring. The child care center provides care for infants through twelve years of age.

Child Care Review Pros and Cons

Pros: One of the office assistants is very helpful and always perky. She makes sure to say hello and good-bye to everyone who walks through the door or calls on the phone. The outside doors need a code to be able to enter the building.

Cons: This child care facility does not live up to its name! The infant room does not always have the same two adults in the room from day to day. The toddlers (1 year olds) sit in high chairs almost all day long watching Barney. Some staff will not change the diapers on the two year olds; they instead wait until another adult has the children but by then the diapers are leaking. The three year olds do not have any structure in the classroom; they have a free for all in the centers or outside all day long while the teacher holds up the wall, sits in a chair, or socializes with other adults. The after school children from local elementary schools are left without direct supervision for a good part of the afternoon. Many of the teachers at this center have only the basic training required by law and nothing else. Very few of the staff members show that they have any knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices or the desire to work with or take care of the children left in their care. Maybe that is why the staff turnover rate is so high.

Features and Comments

Features: None listed.

Comments: This center has been reported at least twice in the last month (from when this was written in October 2008) to the the Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline. The most recent was due to the lack of direct supervision of the classrooms. There is enough staff within the center most of the time; however, not all the teachers remain with their students. This practice is potentially very dangerous for the children.

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