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Top 7 Ideas for Involving Kids In Setting New Year's Goals


Making resolutions for the New Year can be a fun family activity as well as one led by child care providers or teachers alike as well. After all, everyone has goals for improvements for the new year, and talking about them and then working to make sure they're achieved is a great family or team activity. Here are ways to get started.

1. Check Out Kid-Friendly Sites Together

From sending an animated New Year's Card, creating New Year's desktop wallpaper, to playing an online New Year's jigsaw puzzle or watching a fireworks show, there is a growing number of kid-friendly sites with a mission of fun. Some even feature Goal Making games and ideas as well as explanations as to why there is a New Year anyway.

2. Set Group Goals For Starters

Set a special "group goal setting time" for kids by cutting some paper strips (big enough for little hands to write on--younger kids will need help from an adult), and have each child write three goals they would like to see achieved as a family/care setting. Have all the group goals read aloud and then combined with other contributions, and then set a list of achievable and agreed-to "top 5" goals as the approved goals for the year for the family or child care.

3. Create A New Sharing Tradition

Kids only need to be able to talk for this one. Start with a special family activity (special meal, game night, park fun, family football, or whatever). Then, have each person speak of wishes they hope will come true in the new year for other members of the family. A sibling may wish that the brother earns a spot on the select baseball team or that a sister finally loses her two front teeth. The end goal is quality time and communication.

4. My Teenage Son's Goal in Life Is to Make Me Feel 3,500 Years Old Book

If you're a fan of Pulitzer Prize-winning American humorist, check out this book, "My Teenage Son's Goal in Life Is to Make Me Feel 3,500 Years Old--And Other Thoughts on Parenting." You might as well start the new year off with laughter. This is a "should read" even if your kids are small...so you'll know what you'll be facing sooner than you expect!

5. A Kid's Goalsetting Guide (for Parents)

Parents: Need help with helping your kids set goals for themselves? Here is a guide that will lay a path for parental assistance in getting kids to aspire to self-achievement.

6. New Year's Resolutions vs. New Year's Goals

About Guide to Management John Reh discusses the difference between setting New Year's Resolutions vs. New Year's Goals. The explanation is aimed more for business applications, but its advise is certainly applicable to all aspects of your life.

7. Goals for Care Providers and Parents

Parents and child care providers should take advantage of the new year to discuss goals they have for their kids (or kids in their care) for the new year. Providers, if you have parents who are late with pick up or you'd like them to work with their children on potty training or table manners, a New Year's Goal can be sent hom in a positive way. Parents, if you'd like to make recommendations for activities or something relating to your child's care, this is a good time as well!
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