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Before You Catch Spring Fever, Check Out These Kid-Focused Spring Things


It's spring, and time to shed those winter doldrums and get outdoors to smell the flowers and enjoy the warming weather. The spring season offers all sorts of fun and entertaining holiday and mild-weather activities for kids. Parents and providers alike should look over this list of events, key dates and even lesson plan ideas when planning seasonal fun and enrichment.

Spring Break Fun

Why do you think they call it Spring Break? This time of year often lends itself to a fabulous and well-deserved break from the school year, and families have the opportunity to partake in activities in keeping with the spring weather. Whether it is vacation, sleepovers, or cooking fun, enjoy the time together!

Spring Season Holiday Fun

Think pastel and furry, earth-friendly, patriotic, and parental love! Spring is loaded with memorable holidays, including Easter, Earth Day, Memorial Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day. All these occasions lend themselves to family occasions like an outdoor barbeque, bike rides, long walks, and more!

Spring Kid Care Options Abound

Kid care options and needs may change throughout the year, depending on work situations, age of a child, and any moves or changes to a family (such as a move, job change, new sibling, etc). Keep these kid care options in mind when choosing child care.

Step into Spring with Family Time

Spring offers an optimal time for family fun outdoors, when the winter chill has past and the summer heat has not yet set in. Spring sports abound, and fields and parks everywhere are filled with kids playing baseball, soccer, and good ol' fashioned play.

Seasonal Kid Health

Seasonal allergies can diminish the joys of spring if not managed properly. The warmer weather also beckons families to cook outdoors more, so be on the watch for proper refrigeration of food and be on guard for food allergy items.

Seasonal Kid Safety

This time of year, kids are just begging to play outdoors and romp in the welcoming sunshine. Extra care should be exercised in safety rules and precautions to ensure each day ends on a safe note!

Plan NOW for Summer Fun

It may be spring on the calendar, but savvy parents are already planning summer fun for their kids before all the best camps and activities are booked. Start plans now to ensure your child gets in the enrichment activity of choice. If kids will be with you this summer, it's never to early to think of memorable activities they'll cherish for a lifetime!

Consider Next School Year and Child Care Arrangements Early

A new school year can mean new child care arrangements as kids grow older and may even begin school. Before ends for the year, be sure to do some research and begin making plans for fall. Some child care providers take the summer off for a much-needed break, so if you plan to return, be sure you know the return date and any change in fees or times, so you won't be surprised come August.
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