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How Do I Get My Toddlers to Keep Their Clothes On?


Question: How Do I Get My Toddlers to Keep Their Clothes On?
At first it is cute when your precious tot strips off his clothes and runs around the house naked. But when your toddler throws fits about getting dressed, removes clothes faster than you can put them on, or causes a naked disruption at daycare, it's time to act. Here are some parent tips to try with your lil' streaker!
Answer: 1) Pick out some new, really pretty or ultra-cool panties/underwear and ONLY let them wear them when they want to run around the house to show them off (at least now they have something to wear) and then eventually "give in" and let them wear them to daycare with the absolute promise they'll keep their clothes on; 2) let them begin picking their clothes (give them two choices only that can be mix-and-match and don't complain or cajole if it doesn't match perfectly) and set the ground rules that if it gets taken off, it is put away in the closet for a period of time; 3) let them run around the house naked, but explain that they can't leave the house or go to grandma's or see friends or go to McDonald's (you get the drift) until properly dressed; or 4) put them down for nap in an outfit they simply can't remove by layering and then putting them in outfits with back snaps that kids typically can't get off; or, 5) realize that they really will eventually outgrow this habit!

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