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Is Your Child Meeting Developmental Milestones?


Question: Is Your Child Meeting Developmental Milestones?
Answer: What parent doesn't worry about developmental milestones and whether your pride and joy is developing normally? While there is a huge range of "normal" in human development, about 5 percent of children in the United States under age 3 are diagnosed with a developmental delay, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Parents have the ultimate responsibility in screening their children for normal progress. When in doubt, schedule a visit with your pediatrician to discuss your concerns.

What Flags Should A Parent Look For?

    Be concerned if your 6-month-old is not:
    * Rolling
    * Reaching, grasping or handling items such as rattles
    * Smiling and making noises in response to parents
    * Sucking well from the bottle or breast
    * Attempting a variety of vowel syllables
    * Exploring or following items visually

    Be concerned if your 12-month-old is not:
    * Using a long string of babbling
    * Clapping hands or banging objects
    * Using fingers to feed himself
    * Sitting, creeping, or movint in or out of position

    Be concerned if your 18-month-old is not:
    * Walking
    * Picking up objects with thumb and index finger
    * Initiating or participating in interactive games (such as Peek-a-Boo)
    * Eating table foods, drinking from a cup, drying to feed herself
    * Using a few single words

    Be concerned if your 2-year-old is not:
    * Pushing a ride-on toy with feet
    * Using hands independently of one another
    * Exerting independence
    * Chewing and swallowing solid foods
    * Using language (words and/or gestures) to communicate wants and needs
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