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What Questions Will Help Me Choose The Right Daycare?


Question: What Questions Will Help Me Choose The Right Daycare?
What should parents ask to know they've made the right decision in choosing quality child care for their youngster?
Answer: You've visited the facility, and are interested in placing your child. But before you do, ask these 15 questions to help you make an informed decision.
    1) May I drop in anytime?

    2) May I participate in program planning?

    3) May I take part in special events and trips?

    4) What are your hours of operation?

    5) What are the fees?

    6) What does this include?

    7) Are there extra fees (such as activity fees or enrichment opportunities) in addition to the cited standard fees?

    8) Is there a reduction in fees if my child is sick or takes vacation?

    9) What happens if my child becomes ill or is injured at the center?

    10) Are the caregivers trained in child development?

    11) What are the hiring procedures?

    12) What is the tenure of the staff (feel free to ask about teachers who would be specific to your child's class)?

    13) May I contact staff references?

    14) Is there a parents' group or program?

    15) Are there restrictions orf who may pick up my child?

    16) Is your facility licensed and/or accredited? (Standards vary by state and area and opinions vary on the importance of being licensed?)

    17) What is the staff-to-child ratio in the classroom my kid would be in? Does this ratio change throughout the day or will it always remain at or below this level? (NOTE: Some daycare centers start kids together in a large classroom until all teachers arrive, meaning the ratio is disproportionate for an hour or so. The process may be repeated at the end of the day as well.)
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